Inspired by a real Crucial Path

Crucial Path are a marketing consultancy for consumer-facing digital businesses. They came to us with an initial name and logo, which after exploration didn’t reflect the company values.

Through our brand discussions what emerged as the most important thing they did is that they provide a link between the developers/publishers and the digital market.

The client had just returned from trekking in the Swiss Alps, full of inspiration for the new business. We seized on the opportunity to use this powerful metaphor and incorporated it into the brand identity.

Together we found the right name and brand identity that genuinely represents the business.

  • Crucial Path branding graphic
  • Crucial Path branding graphic
Crucial Path business cards

Branding across digital and print

"When I approached 05creative I had little more than a quarter baked idea of a name and brand for my business. They took me through an exploration process of distilling down what I was trying to achieve and represent. Chris and the team immediately found a look and feel to go with the name and hammered out a lovely logo, website and company name. That not only worked in business terms but also had personal relevance. 05 go way beyond being just a design agency I'd consider them a brand development agency that is also able to do kick-ass design." Dirk Metzger, Crucial Path Media